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Welcome to Michigan Valve and Fitting, your trusted source for high-quality valves, fittings, and more. With our wide range of products and exceptional customer service, we are here to meet all your industrial application needs.

Stainless Steel Hose with Tub Stube Ends

High-Quality Valves and Fittings for Industrial Applications

At MVFI, we offer a wide range of high-quality valves, fittings, custom hoses, and parts for industrial applications. Our products are meticulously crafted to meet the demanding needs of various industries, ensuring reliable performance and long-lasting durability.

Whether you need valves for precise flow control, fittings for secure pipe connections, or custom hoses and parts tailored to your specifications, we have the solutions you need. Backed by extensive product knowledge and exceptional customer service, we are committed to delivering the best custom and standard solutions for your business.

Specialized Industry Leaders

Explore our selection of top-tier products engineered for excellence. From the unmatched precision of DK-Lok to the robust reliability of Worcester Valves and the advanced filtration technology of Headline Filters, discover solutions that set new standards in their respective fields.
Dk-Lok Fittings Compresion fittings

DK-Lok Precision

Experience unmatched reliability with DK-Lok valves and fittings, designed for leak-free performance under the most demanding conditions

Flowserve Worcester valves distributor

Worcester Controls

Control flow with confidence using Worcester Valves, the benchmark for quality and durability in flow management.

Headline Filters

Headline Filtration

Ensure purity in every process with Headline Filters, the gold standard for removing contaminants and safeguarding your operations.

Industrial Applications for Oil Industry and more distributed by Michigan Valve and Fitting.

Industry-Specific Valves & Fittings for Diverse Sectors

Michigan Valve & Fitting serves various sectors like oil, gas, chemical, automotive, and pharma with a comprehensive range of valves and fittings to meet industry-specific needs.

Oil and Gas Pipeline Valves from Michigan Valve and Fitting

Durable Valves & Fittings for Oil and Gas

Our valves and fittings are built for the oil and gas industry’s tough conditions, offering durability and safety with years of expertise behind them.

Mechanical and Automotive Industry applications

Precision Valves & Fittings for Automotive Reliability

Our precision-engineered valves and fittings ensure reliability for the Automotive industry, safeguarding your processes and materials.

FEV-Michigan Valve and Fittings less High Quality products
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High-Quality Compression Fittings

Rely on Michigan Valve & Fitting for your industry-leading DK-Lok Compression Fittings and Valves. Experience unparalleled reliability and leak-proof performance that keeps your operations running smoothly. Trust in the strength and precision of DK-Lok — distributed with pride by us.

Custom Hose Fabrication

Custom Hose Fabrication

For hose solutions as unique as your needs, turn to Michigan Valve & Fitting. Our custom hose fabrication service offers tailored flexibility designed to meet the most specific requirements. Expertly crafted for optimal performance, every hose promises a perfect fit for your unique system configurations. Trust us to bend, shape, and deliver your ideal connection.

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Rapid Response, Exceptional Service

At Michigan Valve & Fitting, we’re not just quick; we’re lightning-fast in delivering exceptional service. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the solutions you need at the speed your business demands. Experience the pinnacle of efficiency and customer care with every interaction. Fast solutions, lasting relationships — that’s our service promise to you.

At Michigan Valve & Fitting, Inc., we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of top-quality products tailored for industries such as Instrumentation, Industrial, Mechanical, Mold & Injection, CNG, Pipeline, Pharmaceutical, Contracting, Chemical, Dairy, Robotic, Filtration, Aerospace, and Tooling.

Our extensive product line features renowned brands like DK-Lok Fittings and Valves, Worcester Valves and assemblies, and Teflon Fittings and tubing, among others.

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