V66 DK-Lok Valve

V63 and V66 Series Valves: Technical Data and Case Uses

Valves are essential components in various systems that require pressure and flow regulation. Among the many valve series available, the V63 and V66 series are noteworthy for their technical specifications and features.

The V63 series is suitable for applications that require a lower pressure range. Its maximum working pressure is 300 psig @ 68°F, and its cracking pressure range is 10 to 225 psig. This series is ideal for applications that involve gas or liquid handling in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

On the other hand, the V66 series has a higher maximum working pressure of 6,000 psig @ 68°F and a wider cracking pressure range of 220 to 6,000 psig. This series is suitable for high-pressure applications in industries such as aerospace, defense, and nuclear power.

Both valve series are equipped with a relief valve that bypasses system fluid to prevent excess pressure from damaging sensitive instruments or gauges in the system. Moreover, the cracking pressure of the valve is only sensitive to inlet pressure and not affected by outlet pressure.

To adjust the cracking pressure of the valve, the user can turn the adjusting cap clockwise to increase pressure and counterclockwise to decrease it. The valve is factory-tested for cracking and reseal performance, and the user is responsible for setting a specific cracking pressure for the valve supplied.

V63 and V66 Materials of Construction

The material of construction for the valve includes a polypropylene cap plug, ASTM A276/A479 Type 316 adjusting cap and locking nut, stainless steel 302 spring, and an ASTM A182 F316 body. The valve is also available in different seal materials, including FKM (Viton), Buna N, and Ethylene Propylene (EPDM), with varying temperature ratings.

In the aerospace industry, the V66 series valves are used for pressure regulation in pneumatic systems, fuel systems, and hydraulic systems of aircraft. The V63 series valves are used in gas and liquid handling applications in the pharmaceutical industry to regulate flow and pressure in drug production.

In the oil and gas industry, the V63 series valves are used in pipeline systems to regulate pressure and flow of natural gas or crude oil. The V66 series valves are used in oil rigs and refineries to control the flow of oil or gas and regulate pressure in high-pressure systems.

V66 Series Spring Designators
Spring DesignatorCracking PressureColor CodeBar (Range)
RVS-A220 to 350WHITE15.1 to 24
RVS-B350 to 750BLUE24 to 51.6
RVS-C750 to 1500CLEAR51.6 to 103
RVS-D1500 to 2250BLACK103 to 155
RVS-E2250 to 3000GREEN155 to 206
RVS-F3000 to 4000YELLOW206 to 275
RVS-G4000 to 5000BROWN275 to 344
RVS-H5000 to 6000ORANGE344 to 413

In conclusion, the V63 and V66 series valves offer reliable and efficient pressure and flow regulation in various applications. Their technical specifications and features make them suitable for different pressure ranges, and their material of construction and seal options provide flexibility for various operating conditions. However, proper selection, installation, operation, and maintenance of the valve remain crucial for safe and efficient system performance.

You can download the V63 and V66 PDF here.

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